Keith Urban and Lisa Nicole perform “We We’re Us”

Nashville/Toronto Bound
April 12, 2017
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April 22, 2017
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You read it! I performed with the most amazing Keith Urban on Thursday night in Nashville, TN. Enough said.. well, not really…here’s the story!!

Although a lot of people in the crowd thought this was planned, it was not! Well.. Keith didn’t know it was going to happen, but I did! Haha.. I got a tip that Keith was going to be at 12th and Porter for a secret show, and right away I thought omg, maybe I can try to sing with him. Myself, Seamus (one of my drummers from Canada) and Jen (his girlfriend) went down to the venue. While in line, I signed a CD to Keith and wrote “I want to sing We Were Us with you.” When we got there I pushed my wait to the front, I explained to everyone I was budging in front of what I was doing, haha, although a couple ladies wouldn’t move for me. When it was quite I yelled “Keith, Keith, I want to sing a song with you” and hand17951762_10154532795218657_3824344165781013304_ned him my CD. He said “This is you? Good way to hustle your CD!” And basically said okay, come on up! After the show, I was outside on the phone and this girl interrupted me and said “girl, you were amazing!” I hung up the phone because it was Hayden Panettiere!! For those of you who watch the series Nashville , you know! I talked to her for about 10 minutes, she was SUCH a sweet girl! It was pretty special to share my excitement with her! Thank you Hayden for being so genuine ☺️ A lot of people continued to tell me how I was so composed, confident and great on stage but believe me I had to take a moment to say “Lisa, compose yourself, just sing the song.” When your face to face singing to Keith Urban, it really feels like a dream. I gotta tell you though, I told myself, and my friends all day, that I was going to sing with Keith Urban tonight. Positive thinking and determination can get you far! 👊🏻